Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is the PURPOSE OF LIFE ?

Many seem to have an opinion... But how many such opinions get us nearer to an actual answer to this basic and fundamental question? I have always thought knowing this answer was absolutely necessary if we were to figure out how to live life "effectively"!

How is it, do you suppose, that an answer to such an important question has never been found? Has it ever occurred to you that part of the reason what we observe of life is so seemingly chaotic is that no one knows the answer to this question, and the chaos is evidence that we are simply exploring the many options open to us? Are there no consequences to not playing the game of Life correctly? And finally, who can say... without knowing with some certainty what happens when one dies, whether one is playing the game properly or not?

Seeking an answer to the question "What is the purpose of Life" has been my passion for the last couple decades. And, oddly enough, I was given the answer by way of "intuition" several years ago. The problem is.... in order to comprehend the answer, one must have previously acquired a substantial amount of Esoteric Knowledge to make sense of the answer. But then, who am I to judge who can make use of the answer? The answer to the question is this: "Neutral Spiritual Energy", or NSgy. So, now you possess the answer to the question: What is the purpose of Life? Are you not pleased to finally discover this answer? I thought you would be pleased.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Purpose of Life

What is perhaps surprising is that there is a purpose of Life. Even more amazing is the fact that the Purpose of Life cannot be Known via ones brain except as an abstract concept. To illustrate my point I will write an abstract statement as to what the Purpose of Life is, and you tell me if you "Know" any more about the Purpose of Life after reading the following than you did before reading my statement?

The Purpose of Life, for the Soul, is to fully explore and experience the entire Creation so as to
experientially participate in the Law of Karma and various Esoteric phenomena in a process that converts dissociated bits of Apapsyche repressed as misperceptions of traumata within the MIND into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding that is systematically conveyed to ones Apapsyche via "Esotransmutation" over many, many lifetimes for the purpose of obtaining sufficient Spiritual Evolution to ascend the Ladder of Life and thereby obtain higher and higher levels of relative Truth, which automatically detaches one from the illusion of life and attaches one to Reality, with the eventual goal being the achievement of Union with God.

This account is actually fairly precise, but alas.... two-thirds of it is Esoteric. And the physical brain is not capable of perceiving any part of the Esoteric dimensions within Man, or within the Creation for that matter. This means, in the
simplest of terms, it is not possible to comprehend the Purpose of Life if one relies upon ones brain, thinking, and ones physical senses to do so. The reason is equally simple to state but not easy to comprehend. The only way a person can discover the Esoteric dimensions within him/herself is by using his/her faculty of intuition, and what prevents this is a natural Axiom operating within the Reality that is Life.

Axiom: A Soul can only access that Knowledge it has accumulated within its
Apapsyche by having completed the necessary Karma to produce such Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding via the phenomenon of Esotransmutation.

Put another way, this means that only after many, many lifetimes of doing Karma, some Souls
eventually begin to recognize the experiential pattern of "sowing and reaping", or the basic construct of the Law of Karma. Each time a Soul experiences an event in which that Soul is capable of fully assuming "personnel responsibility" for the event.... regardless who was at fault, that Soul "completes" a "bit" of Karma. Within the MIND of every Soul are a number of MINDLines, each MINDLine has two poles. One pole is the Yin [female or in-going energy nature of the MIND], and the other pole is the Yang [male or out-going energy nature of the MIND]. At the center of each MINDLine is Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy], or the Energy of God and the Soul. NSgy is the Energy of ones Spirituality and it is an "Absolute Energy" in that it is permanent; It cannot be other than it is, ever; And it cannot change. The concept of an Esoteric Energy existing simultaneously "within" oneself that one is incapable of perceiving by ones physical senses is very frightening to some people [discussed shortly].

At the pole ends of these
MINDLines are opposites.... an example would be the MINDLine composed of the two opposites of Rage [Yang] and Grief [Yin]. At the pole end of each emotion is a small amount of intensity, and this intensity is capable of generating fear. The intensity of fear increases the closer one moves toward the center of the MINDLine. Each action of rage one generates on the physical plane sets a "mark" upon the Yang side of this MINDLine. And upon the Yin side of this MINDLine is "set" a Karmic "due bill" with an intensity equal to ones expression of rage. This "due bill" represents a Karmic debt that will have to be experience by one in some life. Either this very life, or some future lifetime. If not experienced in this very life, at ones death this Karmic debt is transferred from present Karma to "Stored Karma". The mystics tell us that in each life the Soul generates much more Karma than it pays off. So the "debt" of Karma of the Soul is increased in each life it experiences. This is neither good nor bad, it just is.

At the time of ones death, ones Soul with ones MIND attached, is taken to a "Judge" where ones Soul in concert with the Judge evaluate how well one did in working through ones Fate Karma for ones just completed life? When this is completed, then ones Soul and the Judge design a new Fate Karma for ones next life. What is considered and included in this new Fate Karma is ones desires, unfinished business from ones last life, and a certain amount of "stored Karma" is thrown in to try to reduce the burden to some degree.

When ones new Fate Karma for ones next life is completed, then one can spend time in some heaven [if ones life has been especially good], or some hell [if one needs some re-education regarding one or more points]. At some point, one is "ready" to reincarnate to parents who "owe" one a birth.

The birth process is where ones personality is formed and a host of fairly intensely negative
misperceptions are taken-on by ones MIND. Preeminent in the construction of ones personality is ones Apapsyche and ones MIND [operating in precise constraint by ones Fate Karma]. Ones personality is constructed to "fit" the requirements of ones Fate Karma. What Freud called the "Id", is what I refer to as the NS-Icm [Negative Self-Image composed of misperceptions]. This body of intensely negative traumata are in actuality "bits" of ones own Apapsyche that have been dissociated to assume the identity of the traumata deeply repressed within ones MIND realm as the NS -Icm.

This dissociation of some "bits" of ones own
Apapsyche as the misperceptions that one is "bad" is part of ones Fate Karma, and the larger Law of Karma, and the entire process is a "play" in that one is NEVER OTHER THAN A PERFECT SOUL.... period. But ones MIND never knows who or what one is [since ones MIND cannot perceive Spiritual Energy], and thus, the "play" as administered by ones MIND seems as real as everything else in the illusion of life.

The separation of ones
Apapsyche from being able to awaken one to something of who and what one is. is dependent upon how much Spiritual Evolution ones Soul has accumulated. Each rise upon the Ladder of Life a Soul experiences is made possible by that Souls Spiritual Evolution, which is a reflection of how much Karma that Soul has completed. Each rung of the Ladder of Life a Soul ascends brings to the Apapsyche of that Soul a heightened level of relative reality, which automatically causes the Apapsyche of that individual to detach from its previous beliefs and awaken to a host of new relatively higher truths. This is the basic and fundamental "difference" between people... but it is only in the late stages of this Spiritual Evolution that individuals begin to become aware that this difference is not an intellectual difference [ which it is normally mistaken to be] but is in actuality a difference in ones access to the Esoteric dimensions within oneself, and especially an increased faculty of intuition. Intuition is a faculty of ones Apapsyche, is Spiritual, and provides one increased access to ones Conscience and Discretion; Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding; And ones own Spirituality.

It is not possible for a person to "discover" what he or she is not "ready" to discover.... regardless how much intellectualism that person might possess. There is no direct relationship between ones
Apapsyche and ones capacity for intellectualism. Indeed, there is an adverse relationship that will make intellectuals cringe when they learn that ones intellectualism has a direct relationship with how much "control" ones MIND retains over ones capability to comprehend. It is a simple matter of "compensation". The more one is confined to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain for understanding Life, the more intellectual that person will be... and the less capable that person will be in accessing the Esoteric two-thirds of him/herself.

Unfortunately the more Left-Hemisphere of the brain one is, the more fear that person has of the "Unknown" Esoteric within him/herself. This coincides with this person being perched upon a lower rung of the Ladder of Life and possessing a limited amount of Spiritual Evolution. Since the vast majority of Souls are perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life, the majority of the population tends to be Left-Hemisphere oriented, and thus tend to unknowingly fear the Esoteric dimensions within Man.

We are in the middle of the Iron Age of Man. This is the last, darkest and most negative Age of Man that we Souls pass through on a continuous cycle of lifetimes. In this Iron Age, the majority of Souls incarnating will naturally be those with a Fate Karma that is heavily weighted in negativity. This Age is perfect for those Souls that either want to experiment with negativity or have a great deal of negativity to receive. To expect that this physical plane will reflect anything other than intense negativity during this Age is foolish. Of course one can always assert ones ignorance... but I fail to understand what this might accomplish?

With intensely fearful people and religious zealots obtaining Atomic bombs, and various crazies being allowed to create atomic bombs by the timidity of those who might have stopped them... it is only a matter of time until all hell breaks loose on this physical plane. Who knows how much time we have, or how long it might take for the various nations who have achieved the goals of Marx and
Engels without firing a shot... to die of radiation poisoning? I am sorry more Souls have not ascended high enough to rise above the fear that has allowed the crazies to engage in their insanity, but I am grateful that I know where I am going... and it is not returning to this pit again.